Photo by Vildana Deljkic
Photo by Vildana Deljkic. Sarajevo, 2015.
Photo by Bryan Berenguer. Yangon, 2014.

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The Website

This website is made as continuation of my photojournalism class project. It's created as a showcase of the participants' works (during/after the course or recent work). It contains single images or/and photo stories and participants can always update their page with new works/on going projects. It is expected that both participants and public visitors can see and learn from various facets of photojournalism work in different countries. 


The Classes

The purpose is to give participants some knowledge of basic photography and photojournalism to tell a story (storytelling) through photography, using whatever tools they have (pocket camera, mobile phone, etc.) and maximizing their capacities.


The idea was first created when I worked, as a photographer, 

with UN agencies and NGOs in Myanmar.  Most of humanitarian agencies need photos for their reports/website/publications/ etc.), and their field staff are key/privileged observers of the beneficiaries’ daily life. 


When I was in Sarajevo, I broaden the class attendance to persons from Bosnia and other European countries, with various backgrounds, offering them the opportunity to enhance their personal skills and capacities.


This approach is meant to continue in other countries in the future.


Veronica Wijaya is a professional photographer and multimedia storytelling producer, with a real passion for photojournalism and the development of stories, often working in the humanitarian field. For further details and portfolio please go to this link 


All images in this website are subject to copyright, for further information please fill up the contact form or email