Photo Story: A 66-years old man built a boat in Sarajevo.

Photo Story link:

This photo story is about a man who chased his dream of making a sailboat in a yard in Sarajevo. He didn’t have a steady job and few people believed in him. He wanted to fight that feeling of less worth, and he had proven to himself what he always knew. He could do it. My dad.

The story was in front of my nose for five years, but the trigger of making a story was a moment when I saw the dream becoming a reality. The experience was personal, so not so objective, but still amazing what I could see observing carefully every single detail. I had difficulties regarding the right angles and positions for capturing what I wanted to show the world, because at the same time in my head I had the story written, but after all it was a fun experience.

Please click this link to view the photo story in full format:

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