Photo Story: A Sharpener in Old Town of Sarajevo.

Photo Story link:

Nedim Saračević, 47-years old, sharpener. Nedim is one of the last sharpeners working with wet stones in downtown Sarajevo. With cheap Chinese knives flooding the market, Nedim has less and less work. His services are still highly regarded by butchers, chefs and hairdressers in the old town.

I chose to shoot photos about a sharpener because his work was visually appealing and he seemed like an interesting character. It was hard to work in small space and I could not take photos from the front where he worked, because there was no place for me to stand. So, it was a challenge to find a way to get as much of him as possible, while trying not to catch the reflection of myself in a mirror.

Please click this link to view the photo story in full format:

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