Photo Story: Second hand store in the neighbourhood of Dobrinja in Sarajevo.

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This is the day in the life of my friend, Jasna, who runs a second hand store in the neighbourhood of Dobrinja in Sarajevo. The shop has been around for almost 4 years and sells second hand clothes, materials and trinkets that have been imported from Sweden. Like the diversity of the product, as is the diversity of the customers and the selection of items they choose to purchase! There is something for everyone.

Jasna is an open, friendly person who makes time for all her customers; it is a sociable shop, many people stopping by for a chat as much as to browse the eclectic array of Swedish second hand goods.

The stories that Jasna tells me from her day-to-day encounters are fascinating and it feels like a soap-opera could be made from the lives of the people and the goings-on in the shop, let alone a photo story! It was great experiencing my friend at her workplace and putting some names to faces of her more infamous customers! I enjoyed having this glimpse into her world.

To view the photo story in full format please click the photo above or go to this link:

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